To me music is an all encompassing vital need. This universal language has since time immemorial had the strength to unite people and cultures beyond the frontiers of time and space. It is contagious and has an addictive effect; it is ubiquitous and is never disappointing. It has become my master and gives the energy and inspiration to translate the world around me into sounds.
Every day it gives the strength to move that one stone in the river one millimetre forward. It is the language that helps me articulate my thoughts and emotions and daily shows me the path towards greater wisdom and beauty.

Composing is a commitment; it is my life’s mission. For me composing means creating a vacuum around myself and allowing myself to be submerged by impressions. It is a continual struggle between fantasy and reality, between dream and reality. Out of chaos of sounds and emotions I try to order my thoughts by juggling shreds of melodies, original chords, striking sound colours and alternating rhythms. Melody, harmony, rhythm and sound colours are finally balanced to generate a harmonious universe.
I wish to share this new music with all of you now, later and forever…

My approach to conducting is altogether different. The notes help me to discover the person behind the composer. I try to decipher their codes until I perceive their sole. Only then can you truly understand and perform their music. This is the path I have adopted.

 I look forward to you joining me on this voyage of discovery…

Dirk Brossé