" Dear Dirk, the support of artistic leaders like you is essential to the success of my administration as we work together to bring real change to the quality of life for everyone who lives, works and visits Philadelphia"

Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, July 12, 2010

" Dear Dirk, please accept my congratulations and deep gratitude for the integrity and fabulous musicianship that your leadership brought to the Star Wars tours. The music clearly could not have been in better hands, and I feel very fortunate to have had you as an artistic collaborator in this project. I hope we can have the opportunity in the future to share some further musical pursuits"

John Williams, Los Angeles, July 2010

" I was thrilled to learn that Maestro Brossé will become The Chamber Orchestra’s new Music Director. You are very lucky to have such a talented and visionary musical spirit leading your orchestra. Philadelphia is a treasure trove of artistic talent and you should be proud to count Maestro Brossé among the brightest stars in your sky !"

Placido Domingo, New York April 2010

" Très chèr Dirk,hier dans la nuit j’ai écouté et lu ton oeuvre Echoes of Silent Voices et j’ai été enchanté. Tu m’as rendu heureux ! Bravissimo !!"

Gabriel Yared, december 2009

" Dirk Brossé is a master conductor and collaborator, who immediately understood how to express my musical thoughts with the orchestra."

Angelo Badalamenti, New York, december 2009

" Dear Dirk, Your visit was a big success in Philadelphia! Warmest regards"

Ignat Solzhenitsyn, Philadelphia, april, 2008

" Dear Dirk, I want to thank you for the artistry and integrity you bring to the Star Wars concerts"

John Williams, Los Angeles, december 2009

" Thanks Dirk for doing a wonderful job. With great admiration and affection."

Kenneth Brannagh, Berkshire, november 2007

" Dirk is a generous, passionate and sympathetic conductor with an instinctive ear for color and detail"

Julian Lloyd Webber, London, january 2000

" The London Symphony Orchestra has never sounded so great and the actors were delighted to be in your capable hands. It was great to work with you again"

Patrick Doyle, London, november 2007

" I am deeply impressed by the concert of Dirk Brossé with the Volgograd Symphony Orchestra. Western conductors play quite frequently by us, but among them, Dirk Brossé turned out to be a master of the most highest level."

Edward Serov, Volgograd, june 1997

" Omwille van zijn waardevolle projecten met sterke internationale uitstraling hebben we besloten om componist – dirigent Dirk Brossé aan te stellen tot Cultureel Ambassadeur van Vlaanderen"

Luc Van den Brande, minister-president Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brussels, Belgium, 1996

" Hartverwarmende muziek in een hartverscheurende wereld"

Octave Landuyt, Heusden, Belgium, 1994

" I was very delighted when I heard your music and I am very enthusiastic that you can integrate my text in your new composition."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bogota, Colombia, May 1992

" Dirk hoort wat ik voel en voelt wat ik hoor. Hij leest de muziek van de beelden en projecteert onze gevoelens op het scherm. Hij duwt de liefde, de miserie en het onrecht in je hart. Een fantastische muzikale spiegel."

Stijn Coninx, Brussels, Belgium, 1992

" Cher Dirk, je tiens à vous dire combien j’ai eu de plaisir à entendre la musique que vous avez composée pour le film Visages d’ Enfants. C’est une très belle partition, bien équilibrée en bien orchestrée avec de très beaux moments poétiques"

Georges Delerue, Los Angeles, january 1989

" An excellent composer himself, Mr. Brossé has a superior talent in analyzing the music of a complex orchestra with great precision and in musically controlling an orchestra himself."

Hiryuki Iwaki, Japan, december 1990

" I had the pleasure to collaborate with Dirk on several occasions presenting different facets of music. I admire his talent and his professionalism as an orchestral conductor"

Jean Toots Thielemans, New York, march 1988

" Dirk Brossé possesses an excellent feeling for orchestral requirements. His musical temperament is impressive."

Volker Wangenheim, Köln, november 1988

" Sein Wissen in allen Bereichen der Musik und seine dirigentische Gestaltungskraft werden durch seinen integren Charakter, seine Zielstrebigkeit und seinen Fleiss in idealer Weise ergänzt"

Julius Kalmar, Wien, april 1988

" Dirk Brossé belongs to the generation of talented musicians passionate by all kinds of disciplines and musical styles"

Francois Glorieux, Belgium, december 1987

" Brossé is ongetwijfeld een rasartiest, die rijke muzikale gave koppelt aan leergierigheid, werkkracht en gezonde ambitie"

Willy Claes, Minister van State, Brussels, november 1987